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Houston Texans:
After the first season in franchise mode, do the expansion draft for the Houston Texans.

Dance going into the endzone:
Press L2 or R2 while running into the endzone and your player may do a dance.

Better catches:
To do a better catch than the generic one, where the player throws his hands in the air at the last second and most of the time misses, simply press Catch a second or a half a second before you reach the target of the ball, or before the ball reaches the receiver. The player will do a better looking and more effective catch, such a one handed catch, a jump catch, a spin catch, an over the shoulder catch (good for lobs), or a better diving one if the ball is out of reach.

Unlimited creation points:
Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Winning the Coin Toss

Repeatedly press L1 + R1 + Start before the coin toss screen appears.

Easy tokens:
For easy tokens, go to the two minute drill screen. Choose two to four accounts, and the Admirals for defense. Choose your team and make sure you choose a profile to save to, then start playing. Keep throwing to WR2 and you should get many touchdowns. It is possible to get a score over 33,000 with this trick.

Have the Dragons on defense and the Titans as offense. You can score well over 55,000 points by selecting HB Off Tackle as a play. It takes about eleven seconds to run and you receive 5,150 points per touchdown and 375 points for running the same play as a two point conversion. If you can successfully score 11 touchdowns, you will have a score over 55000.

Edit the speed of every player on the Raven's defense to 15. Edit all of the halfbacks', fullbacks', tight ends', and wide receivers' ratings down to 0. Edit you offensive lineman's pass block rating to 99. Edit your quarterback in the following manner: 0 Passing Power, Accuracy; 99 Speed, Accel, Carrying, Awareness, Stamina, and Agility. Save your roster as "Cheat", load it before doing the following trick. Start a Two Minute Drill. Choose All-Madden, and then the Ravens' defense. Choose whatever team you modified offensively, and make them your offense. Next, you will need a passing play. Choose Single Back Formation, and then Hot Route your second wide receiver, looking left to right. Also Hot Route your tight end. For the Hot Routes, make them do a buttonhook (Left on the D-pad). Now instead of passing the ball, run a "Quarterback Sweep" by sending the quarterback to the right side of the field. Run towards the endzone, using speed bursts as needed. Make sure you get to the endzone. If you do not, call timeout if the clock keeps ticking. If a penalty is called, do not waste the time running down the field. Just head out of bounds, and do it over. You should be able to score about ten touchdowns. Your score will be very odd, and you will get millions of tokens. Go the Madden Cards menu to see your tokens -- they may not appear on the Two Minute Drill menu.

Create a profile with M. Martz's playbook. Run the two-minute drill under rookie with Galaxy as the defense. Use the Rams. Run single back 5 wide, Hail Mary. Faulk or Hakim will be open every time. You can score 100 points and get about 220 tokens. It takes nine seconds to score.

Change player appearance:
Under the options screen select "Rosters", go to "Edit Player", and finally go to "Player Appearance". You can make anyone in the NFL look different than they really do.

Get by the offense:
Select your fastest player and put him in the front line. Press Circle + R2 + L1 and your player should do a spin move to get past the offensive lineman faster.

Getting good players:
In franchise mode, create a new coach and assign him to one of the teams that are available, but not your team. The game only lets you choose from the worst teams. Then go to "Roster", then "Trade". You can now trade away the better players on that team to your team without having to send a ridiculous amount of good players for just one (even bad teams have some good players). Also, because the teams you can choose are the worst teams, they have the best draft picks. This allows you to trade away the draft picks. In other words, if you do this with several of the bad teams, you can actually end up with, for example, four first round draft picks. Its a good way to keep your team on top, and not have to suffer because your team wins so much.

Use the following trick to get a lot of first round draft picks during the first year of your franchise. Keep signing the free agents that are good (77 and above) and trade them away before week 6 to the worst teams, standings wise to that point. You will get their draft picks for like three players in the mid-to-high 70s. They can all be people off of the free agents list.

Easy sacks and tackles for a loss:
For easy sacks or tackles for a loss, do the following. Select a Man To Man coverage play. Man Lock, on 4-3 defense works best. This is the play where the ROLB is blitzing. Do not move your defensive end. Move your ROLB over to the right (your left on the screen) outside of the right tackle. With offsides off just keep running at the QB. The QB will either scramble forward and be hit by one of your defensive line fronts or he will scramble into you. He will do this every time. If the other team moves a tight end over to block you, just move slightly to the outside of him and it will still work. This will work every time with any team and can be used to get over twenty sacks per game.

Get CPU penalized an unlimited amount of times

During a play, go to the pause menu, go to settings, and then go to controller select. Put the controller in between both teams so neither is selected. And then, resume the game and make sure that when the play is over, you don't see the playbook come up. It should look sort of like you're watching a game. Then, all you do is keep on pausing and resuming the game. The computer will not be able to call a play and the play clock will run down all the way, resulting in a delay of game.

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